Have you ever experienced a feeling, where you know something major is going to take place, but you can’t put your finger on what it is?

You’ve accepted that only one of two things can happen – you’ll go up, or you’ll go down.

Something good is on its way. Or something really bad.

Rather than making any sudden movements that may tip the outcome in one direction rather than the other, you decide to wait. You make a conscious decision to remain ‘on the brink’.

How many of us remain on the brink of change, refusing to steer the journey that will lead to our destiny?

Whether it be in our careers, finances, families, relationships, spirituality, or a host of other areas of our lives, it’s likely we can all relate to those moments when we allow fear to cripple us.

Hindering us from moving forward.

We become paralyzed with anxiety, and instead of allowing those anxious feelings to manifest as a call to action, we become immobile. We realize the magnitude and severity of doing nothing, but we can’t seem to take the first step towards doing something.

The next time you have a sense of awareness about being on the brink of something, I challenge you to do one thing that will change your status.

If you’re looking at changing your career, apply for a new job or take the first step toward fulfilling your vision. No matter how short or long the step.

If it’s your finances, I challenge you to save something. Any amount will do.

If it’s your family, I challenge you to take one day to spend together, making a commitment to be present in every moment.

If it’s your relationship, I challenge you to make an attempt to communicate, even if only in one conversation.

If it’s your spirituality, I challenge you to pray; taking time to meditate on your relationship with self and your Creator.

No matter what your “brink” is, believe that you have the power to determine which way the scales will balance. You’re already a step ahead by realizing that the time has come for you to shift positions.

Don’t wait until circumstances make the decisions for you. Take matters into your own hands!

Many have been mentally conditioned to associate change with the feeling of being afraid. It’s not too late to change those feelings of fear to feelings of excitement, optimism and hope.

Every moment in life has its place.

There is a time for being on the brink – a time for reflection, to think, to process, and to assess the reality of the past and envision possibilities for the future.

But it is important to understand that life isn’t designed for you to remain there.

Whether you walk into your destiny or jump into the pothole of a mistake, take a leap of faith – that going somewhere leads to the opportunities that cannot be found when going nowhere.

Faith that blessings exist; and while some shower down, others have been strategically placed as hidden treasures along your journey. Faith that stars align and the universe rewards our efforts in our perfect season.

When you find yourself on the brink, choose movements that lead you closer to your future. And remind yourself that even the individuals who find themselves on the brink of the mountain top don’t stay there.

Even people who find themselves on the brink of the mountain top don’t stay there.

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