I’m in a relationship with SINGLE and he wants to get serious

I flirt with PAST to fill a void

I want to have a one night stand with FUTURE but he said he’s so great I have to wait


He came in, put his bags down and simply said…”Hey babe I’m moving in”
For the past five years we’ve become so intertwined it’s like we share the same skin

I was in such shock I just looked in his direction with a blank stare
He stoically grinned and said “What…I can’t believe you don’t think this is fair”

If you haven’t noticed or don’t want to admit, I’m offering you something you’ve never had before
And the nerve of you to look at me like that after we’ve built such an unbreakable rapport

I’ve already met your family and they’ve grown accustomed to seeing us together on holidays and special events
I dare you to show up with someone else and see if they aren’t malcontent

Before he could formulate another thought I lashed out and said this is NOT the way my life’s supposed to be
Forget you and your proposal, I’m too freaking esprit

I’ll admit in the beginning this relationship was extremely audacious
We experienced wonderful things which taught me a lot about myself and for that I’m very gracious

So before the intensity level in this room reaches a point of no return
Let’s just “hug it out” and agree to peacefully adjourn

As our arms unfolded from a friendly caress his mouth unraveled a haunting prediction
Actually I’m still working on making it merely a work of fiction

He said…Now that you’ve just repudiated your relationship with me, Single
I promise that you’ll never experience that warm fuzzy feeling known as Love’s Tingle


As SINGLE haltingly drove off I stood frozen with shock
My mind sent a signal to my feet saying, “Girl just walk”

But instead I sprinted to the house and frantically picked up my phone
In search of that PAST’S number but my body was performing like a drone

A tiny voice whispered “Sheena stop this ridiculous charade”
“You’ll always know his number by heart no matter how many years fade”

I bit my nails in anticipation as the phone rang
As soon as he said hello I let him have it with an impromptu harangue

I abhor you and you’re a waste of a man
Wait…let me break it down in words you MIGHT understand

He just broke up with me and it’s all because of you
And what’s even more pathetic I don’t have anyone next in my queue

What next am I supposed to do
My plan was to keep you close until you grew

But you’re just as immature today as when we first met
So I’m starting to think waiting on you is not my best bet

Can you tell me exactly what it is I’m lacking
He said,” honestly it’s not you I’m like most guys my age we’re just not ready so it’s best to send me packing”

The next thing I know I heard silence and my phone said call ended
I thought well darn this day is just freaking splendid

I’ve gotten dumped by SINGLE the only relationship I’ve ever known
Then PAST finally tells me something real but only because he wanted to atone

So I find myself back at square one
Wishing for my one night stand with FUTURE because I thought it’d be fun


But little did I know FUTURE had more in mind than temporary fun

Deep down he knew he was “THE ONE”

When FUTURE introduced himself I thought I already know this dude
I immediately thought how can I get away with being a pseud

But his perseverance started to work like a charm
Because before I knew what was happening I ended up on his arm

I’d be lying if I said this “thing” we had instantly clicked
In the beginning we seemed to only bump heads and have conflicts

But for whatever reason we stood side by side weathered the storms
And as corny as it sounds we came out on the other side transformed

We finally found our groove and we’ve been conquering the world ever since
Who knows next week you might catch us volunteering in Port Au Prince

So I’m blessed by my time with SINGLE and PAST
The lessons I learned from there were vast

He came in put OUR bags down and simply said “Hey babe WE’RE moving in”
“Soon you’ll be my wife and we’ll be kin”

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