Women often spend so much time nurturing others that we forget to take care of ourselves. But you must make yourself a priority.

Each day you get up and make it to work on time. In fact, sometimes you arrive early. You spend 8 to 10 hours each day fulfilling someone else’s dream, but you sleep in on your day off and procrastinate on the dreams planted in your heart.

Why is that?

Why is it okay to sleep on your vision, but work hard at someone else’s? Are they more important than you? Is their dream and vision more important than yours? Of course not!

You do this because you’ve allowed fear to dictate your every move.

You fear failure and doubt your own abilities. You fix everyone’s social, emotional, relational, and professional problems. You plan, develop, implement, and improve every project you touch. You encourage every person you meet.

But you turn away and refuse to touch your own dream and fail to encourage yourself.

Imagine what would happen if you took 1/3 of the time you spend working for someone else and devoted it to making your dreams a reality. That’s just over 13 hours a week and a little over 2.5 hours a day!

I know…you don’t have the time.

But I will remind you that people make time for things they want to do. If you find time to watch your favorite TV show, you can definitely make time to work on your dreams.

Excuses are no longer permitted.  It is possible. But, you have to overcome your fear.

Acknowledge that it exists in you. Once you admit it, you have the power to eliminate it.

Understand that failure is nothing more than practice to learn what works. No one makes it to the top without failing.

Believe in your abilities and encourage yourself. Look into the mirror each day and tell yourself who you are. You are important and you will accomplish.

I know it sounds strange, but your words have power. So you must speak it into existence.

Make yourself a priority. If you are a priority, then your dreams, aspirations, and goals become a priority as well.

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Crystal Cooley
Crystal Cooley is a Detroit Native with a BA in Business Management, a MPA in Human Resources Management and a MSA in Health Services Administration. She has over 17 years of financial industry experience and 8 years in career coaching. She hopes to empower women in finance and professional development. Visit her at "CC HR Results" on Facebook.