For as long as I can remember, I’ve had two external loves: books and music.

I could spend entire afternoons cuddled under the covers lost in a fictional character’s world or, pen and notebook in hand, reviewing the 48 Laws of Power. The faint sound of a New York DJ introducing insert-favorite-R&B-artist-here in the background, completed a ritual that solidified my journey to my happy place.

Sometimes the simple things are the ones that bring us the most joy.

While I still adore escaping into a good narrative, the time associated with being Superwoman, climbing corporate and entrepreneurial ladders, and responsibility for another human, have made those moments few and far between.

Now, a new love has entered into my creative space, in the form of podcasts.

One of my closest girlfriends is a self-proclaimed podcast aficionado. You name the topic, she’ll spit out the names of 3-4 “experts” who shared an episode about X that changed her life in Y way. After months of convincing, I decided to find out what all of the fuss was about.

I was resistant at first.

Listening to a person I don’t know, sharing gems about ways to reconnect with my inner Diva isn’t something I immediately gravitated to.

But I’m glad I did.

Like childhood memories of Vaughn Harper introducing a song on the Quiet Storm, podcasts have opened an audio world that I didn’t realize existed. From discussions about everything from love and health, to politics and business; or simply needing a good laugh after a long day, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites.

All I have to do is press play, and I’m transported into my very own electronic Sister Circle.

While I may never fully trade flipping a page for turning up my headphones, access to these inspiring women who allow us to peek into their lives and opinions, has helped me gain new perspectives on the life I’m crafting for myself.

I hope they do the same for you too.

15 Podcasts By Black Women That You Should Download Today

1. Black Girl In Om

podcast by black women you should download today

Your go-to conversation on all things wellness, self­-care and self-love for women of color, hosted by founder Lauren Ash and Art Director Deun Ivory. The show features yogis, holistic lifestylists, clean beauty experts, and a plethora of other movers, shakers, and innovators within the wellness and beauty industries. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

2. Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

A weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible version of ourselves. So often the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy prevent Black women from taking the step of seeing a therapist. She developed the space to present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

3. Behind the Brilliance with Lisa Nicole Bell

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

A weekly podcast that blends Lisa Nicole Bell’s inspiring and funny musings with conversations with some of the world’s most creative and inspiring people. New episodes go live every Thursday. | Twitter | Instagram

4. Black Women Talk Politics

podcasts by black women you should download today

Sheila Clark and Sabriya Willams host a podcast where these two Black women discuss national politics, provide a week in review, invite special guests, and give their listeners action items that anyone can do.

Soundcloud | Facebook

5. The Great Girlfriends Show

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

The Great Girlfriends Show, co-hosted by Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel, is a podcast conversation series created to connect women with daily tips and solutions for living a passionate life and building thriving businesses. Serving up conversations that matter to women, this podcast ranges in topics from starting a business to forgiving double-crossing friends, to building an amazing love life and more. | Facebook | Instagram

6. Food Heaven Podcast

podcast by black women you should download today

Registered Dietitians and BFFs. Healthy cooking and other lovely things. Join Wendy and Jess as they work toward making this world a healthier place, one meal at a time. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

7.  The She’s Got Drive Podcast with Shirley McAlpine

top podcasts for black women

From entrepreneurs to creatives to corporate professionals, this podcast is for you if you are a woman of color who wants… more DRIVE and success in your life. These stories will inspire you and give you ideas, tools strategies to grow in confidence, and find your own DRIVE to change your life.

8. Last Name Basis
11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

Last Name Basis is a sometimes weekly podcast hosted by Franchesca & Patrick. Each week they discuss what’s going on in the world along with what’s happening in their lives as a married couple. | Twitter 

9. Naked Beauty with Brooke DeVard

naked beauty podcast

Unfiltered talk about beauty trends, tips, and products, hosted by Brooke DeVard, with the girls who get it. | Instagram

10. Happy Black Woman Podcast with Rosetta Thurman

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

Get ready to be inspired! Rosetta’s on a mission to empower women to transform their lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. The podcast brings you all the inspiration and motivation you need to create a life of happiness, success, and freedom. | Twitter Facebook | Instagram

11. Nerds of Prey 

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

Meet Shannon, CG, Lauren, and Mel. Come hang out with four Black women who are bonded by nerd culture as they discuss all things comics, games, movies, and television. 


podcast by black women you should download today

The podcast with lots of sass. Hosts Lola & Babz provide hilarious unabashed social commentary on all things pop culture, relationships, and whatever else comes to mind. And they drink while doing it. | Twitter 

13. How Does She Do It? with Tiffany F. Southerland

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

On How Does She Do It?, Tiffany F. Southerland shares practical insight and honest perspective on personal development, relationships, professional success (and struggles), and the intersection of other things that matter to women in their 20s and 30s. | Twitter | Instagram

14. My Taught You Podcast

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

As the founder of curlBOX, an exclusive monthly subscription box full of amazing products, Myleik Teele has garnered partnerships with Procter & Gamble, Carol’s Daughter, Walmart, Target and Shea Moisture. Her podcast features everything from her musings on life to interviews with prominent women making moves in their own right. | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

15. ESSENCE’s “Yes, Girl” Podcast

11 Podcasts by Black Women that You Should Download Today Nia Magazine

An audio lovefest highlighting celebs and influencers taking the culture a little higher. Hosted by ESSENCE staffers Cori Murray and Yolanda Sangweni – and bonus: their love guru Charli Penn gets real with Black women on their unique sex and relationships stories.

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