The word privilege resonates through my soul and has become the foundation for walking in my truth.

Privilege is defined as a special opportunity to do something that makes you proud.

I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect just before my second birthday. Heart disease has been and will be my lifelong battle. It compels me to address the issue of mortality and encourages me to embrace, embark upon, and appreciate this wonderful gift called life.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Those of us battling chronic illnesses are fully aware of this fact.

I acknowledged there was a calling on my life long ago. Deep in my heart I felt my life had a greater purpose. At that time I did not have the confidence, maturity, peace and self knowledge to fully embrace my calling. Today I am different and this is my time.

Today, I know there is a blueprint for my life, however I am not the architect. My life has been designed by a being greater than me whom I call God. My very existence calls me to do great works and I am thankful for the privilege to do so.

Life has taught me a different lesson.

I am the youngest of five children. My parents also lost an infant prior to my birth. Out of the five who survived, I was the child born and diagnosed with an illness. There were many stipulations placed upon my life and assumptions made about my abilities.

Two sisters and one brother have passed on, but today, I am one of two children still living. This speaks volumes because, for some reason, I am still here.

I have been chosen to remain.

I carry the spirits of my siblings and they live through me. By honoring my life, I honor theirs.

Three heart surgeries, a permanent physical injury, and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis have solidified my purpose and calling. I am the vessel used to carry messages of hope, courage, and perseverance.

My parents believed I was destined for greatness and today I walk in that revelation.

My great works are determined by the lives I touch on my journey. I aspire to be a light in a sometimes dark place.

My life has been an intricate work of pain and triumph, loss and birth, lessons and blessings, tests and testimonies. My experiences make me appreciate the wonderful moments and give me the strength and courage to endure life’s most challenging obstacles.

Every day is a battle and I am prepared for war.

When I cry, I wipe away my tears. When I am depressed, I say this too shall pass. When I want to give up, I remember that I am here on purpose. Faith and hope are my most powerful weapons.

I may lose battles at times, but I ultimately win the war.

Purpose is a privilege and it is not to be taken lightly. We are created with intent and we are children of the Most High God.

Knowing this is empowering. Living this is inspiring.

Walk in your purpose. I have the privilege of walking in mine.

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