Everyone is talking about abundance and how to manifest it right now. But what does that really mean and how do you get it?

Among all of the goals, dreams, wishes and desires you may have, also lies fear and doubt that can keep you from achieving the very thing you want the most. It is self-destructive to say you want something or set a goal and then allow negative thinking to prevent you from living the life that you desire.

I personally have stood in my own way for a long time and know many others who have or are doing the same.

First of all, many of us have a false perception of what abundance truly means. Many believe that abundance equates to material things and wealth. The reality is that in order to get to those pretty shiny things – a new car, new house, better job and so forth, there is work that must be done within first.

Real abundance resides in your innermost being.

Yes! The key to manifesting or achieving all that you desire in life is within. Taking a deep look at our lives, including our spiritual and emotional being, can help us uncover the beliefs that are preventing us from moving toward our goals. Abundance is sitting there waiting for you to tap into it.

We often dance around the beautiful gift of inner knowing, and seek external answers.


The number one reason why we experience lack is: our mindset. There may be deep-set beliefs learned from childhood that cause a lack mindset. Emotional pain and unforgiveness can cause us to live in the past; disabling us from moving into our future with abundance. Old stagnant beliefs, emotional trauma and pain often cause us to live in a state of Overload, Overwhelm, and Overthinking. 

Overload (LACK)

When you are overloaded, you feel like you don’t have enough of something -time, money, etc. A lack mentality is responsible for most of the financial strain and stress we unknowingly put on ourselves.

Overwhelm (LOSS)

Loss, in any capacity, causes us to feel burdened and emotionally overwhelmed. We lose a lot of things, including people, and without allowing ourselves to heal, we begin to operate or govern our lives based off of what we no longer have.

Overthinking (LIMITATION)

When we overthink, we place limitations on ourselves that really don’t exist. Those limitations ultimately keep us from growing and moving forward in happiness and joy.

So what can we do to shift into abundance?

Have gratitude. Being thankful for what you have today is important in attracting abundance. When you feel miserable or unhappy about your current situation or circumstances, this negative thought process usually festers and creates more misery. Misery really does love company.

Start looking at where you are today with a new perspective. A new positive perspective will open you up for more of the love and light energy that will help you manifest your goals and desires.

Start believing in yourself and the power you have to create a better life and better circumstances. We are unlimited beings because we are God beings. God resides in us and through Him we are limitless. Spend more time connecting to Source in prayer and meditation.

Don’t allow your past to dictate your present. Wake up every day with a sense of renewal; knowing, acknowledging and being grateful for another chance to move beyond past limitations.

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