“You’re so slow,” I say.

My daughter is a laid back type of kid. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen her actually rush around. This is one of the reasons that she’s my blessing. Let me share why.

I’m a recovering “Overcharged, let’s hurry up, we have to rush, OMG we’re going to be late” rush-through-lifer.

Sometimes I giggle to myself when I think about all of the energy I exhaust when we have to rush out of the house to be somewhere and I’m (the only one) running around… telling her to hurry up and telling her what she needs to have done.

And guess who’s waiting at the steps for me to be ready to leave? Yup, my daughter!

She’s cool and calm, standing around singing one of the latest songs (and sometimes a little annoyed that she has to run back in the house and grab something that I’ve forgotten).

Through her actions, she reminds me everyday to slow down and enjoy the moment. This is an innate strength of hers. I absolutely love it!

Sometimes we rush through life trying to get to that next big thing or trying so hard to get everything done, that we wear ourselves so thin. We don’t have enough energy to give to what really matters – family, love, life. Everything we do eventually turns into a distraction because we’ve somehow run out of time.

We lose focus. We’re overwhelmed. We wonder how we got into that hole.

We allow our insecurities to dictate the momentum of our lives by tricking ourselves into believing that the life we imagined for ourselves has to fit into a neatly planned out timeline.

We fear that we won’t achieve a state of perfect happiness because we neglected to account for setbacks, detours, challenges, disappointments and just plain ‘ole life.

We somehow believe that slowing down equates to being ineffective because we’ve failed to define success based on our own lives, as opposed to allowing others to define it for us.

So what should you do?

Get curious about what your busyness is saying to you and give yourself permission to slow down.

Believe that everything doesn’t have to be done right now and has its perfect timing.

Be okay with what life is offering you right now, knowing that this is a part of your journey.

Anticipate the next “big thing” but don’t get so consumed by it that you neglect the current “best thing.”

Trust the timing. Trust your journey. Be content.

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