If we are honest with ourselves, we can admit that as women it is sometimes very easy to get caught up in our emotions. We often allow other people to interfere with what is rightfully, and most importantly, ours:

Our mind space.

Mind space is what allows us to function during the day. It determines whether we smile at our co-workers in the morning or hurry to our desks, praying that no one looks our way. Our mind space keeps us balanced!

What triggers negativity within our minds and causes us to react in a not so charming manner? It could be an argument with a spouse or sibling, an unexpected parking ticket, rebellious children, or even an overbearing boss.

While we cannot control other people’s actions, words, or sometimes spiteful choices, we absolutely have the power to demand, reserve, and protect our positive mind space.

Here are four steps to assist you in doing so:

Step 1 – Prioritize.

Make a conscious decision to make this a top priority in your life. Since it is the determining factor in how smoothly your day will go, it’s important to place it pretty high on the list. Choose to tell yourself, “My peace of mind is more important than anything in this world and I make it a priority”.

Step 2 – Begin your day on a positive note.

Whatever that means to you. For me, starting my day off with scripture and prayer helps to keep me grounded during life’s roller coaster of a journey. For you, it may mean meditation, focusing on the chakra, doing yoga, or listening to your favorite song. However you choose to prepare your mind, always be consistent in following that routine.

This will help you to become more in tune with yourself before interacting with others.

Step 3 – Set the standard for those around you.

Do not be afraid to say, “I am not interested in today’s gossip” or to stop someone from dumping their baggage into your life. Everyone’s problems cannot be your burdens. There are moments when you may have to just pray for someone and release them.

Carrying around other people’s dirt is not your responsibility and is one of the main reasons our mind space becomes cloudy. Likewise, you must also be responsible for the things you allow to come out of your own mouth.

Step 4 – Protect it.

Once you have established your positive mind space, guard it the way you guard your six year old from LHHATL! You don’t allow her to view the behavior of the cast because you don’t want her to exhibit said behaviors. The same rule applies for your mind.

Be very protective of who and what you allow into your space. Everyone should not be privy to your growth and development. Some deserve front row seats to cheer you on, others need to sit in the bleachers. [tweetthis]Some deserve front row seats to cheer you on, others need to sit in the bleachers. [/tweetthis]

Now that we have set some basic guidelines for keeping your positive mind space in a fresh place, the only thing left to do is try it!

A positive lifestyle must first begin with the decision to be positive. Honor your personal mind space and always remember not to allow anyone or anything to jeopardize it.

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