How many times have you stood in line at the grocery store, bank, or other places only to find that the line next to you was moving faster than the one you were in?

Did you contemplate moving over, but decide to stay put instead?

Well, I can tell you that on a number of occasions, that has been me. Walking into one that appeared to be shorter only to discover that it was actually moving at a snail’s speed. While other shoppers zoomed past me, I would say to myself, “I can’t believe I got in the wrong one (again)”, but choose to settle and to wait my turn anyway.

During one of my extended stays, I had an epiphany.

Why would I stay in a line that was going nowhere quickly, when all I had to do was…MOVE?

Why was I waiting, when waiting was actually holding up my progress?

These questions not only applied to my checkout choices, but also to how I approached the proverbial lines of my life. In fact, as I began to honestly assess my behavior, I recognized that I often refused to move because it was simply “easier” to remain where I was.

I reasoned, analyzed, and rationalized not moving.

Contemplated whether or not others would judge me for moving; if they would complain, become angry, or try to hold me back. Worried about what they would say, feel, and how they would behave toward me.

I consumed myself with the “What ifs”. With these thoughts and questions bombarding my mind and my spirit, I was paralyzed by self-imposed pressure that stopped me in my tracks.

Does this describe you too? Have you stood still while watching those around you move?

You’ve watched them earn degrees. Get married. Have babies and get their dream job. You’ve even attended their graduations, participated in weddings, hosted baby showers, and thrown the best promotion parties ever. But after each celebration and a wholehearted effort to be genuinely happy for them, one question weighed on your heart.

What about me?

If that’s you, I have one question: “Aren’t you tired of standing in the same place?”

When I asked myself the same question, I realized that my hold-up, was me! I was in my own way of progress. Sabotaging my own advancement and making the choice to remain unnecessarily stuck. But, here is the truth…

No person, place, or thing is worth stopping you from advancing into your destiny.

Each new day presents new opportunities to step into the line that has been divinely orchestrated for your life. New opportunities to step away from where you are and to move to another position.

You see, standing fixed where you are is your choice. But, it’s not too late! When you are ready to move, here are three things you must do to move to the front of your life:

  1. Forget What’s Behind You

“But, you don’t understand; you don’t know my secrets.”

This is true.

However, I do know the power shame and guilt have when we are unwilling to forgive ourselves and forgive others. In order to move forward, you must forget the things in your past that have held you captive, and make space for the good things God has prepared for your future.

  1. Focus On What’s In Front of You

Yes, what’s up ahead may include unknowns, but not knowing often opens the way for you to imagine a future that is so much more brighter than your present.

Not knowing gives you the latitude to envision, dream, and set your mind, will, and emotions on course to pursue what your heart truly desires.

Staying focused on what is in front of you will be your encouragement on the days when discouragement tries to creep in. It will also refuel the fire in your belly when people, situations, and circumstances try to dampen your spirit.

It is during these times that you will recognize the power of focus over the pull of distractions.

  1. Free Yourself to Move

Assess your life for “shackles” – the things that have locked you up, locked you down, or locked you in. Then ask yourself, “How important is my freedom?”

If you determine that your freedom is everything to you, recognize you are the one holding the keys. Now, take them and unlock your destiny!

No more procrastination and no more excuses. No more talking yourself out of the blessings that are yours to have or “wishing” for a good life… a better life… your best life. NOW is your time. Move!

You’ve waited long enough!

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