Hello summer! Come on in. Oh how I have missed you and everything that you bring.

Vibrant hues of orange, yellows and turquoise. Longer days, sultry nights, barbeque cookouts and more action in the city. I dare not forget those long awaited exotic vacations, festivals and family reunions to attend.

All of this spells freedom and fun.

The season of summer ushers in positive vibes, rejuvenation and a sense of renewal. It’s time to renew and restore yourself for this jovial season. Remove what is old and cold and add some spice into your life that will make your summer sizzle. Say good bye to the gray and black wardrobe and create the best 3S combination that you can find.

What is a 3S combo? Glad you asked. Sundresses, sandals and sunglasses, of course. The season’s must haves.

Now, if Mother Earth can change her swing and enjoy the sun, surely you can too. Here are 10 helpful tips to make your summer blazing hot.

She awaits you.

1. Hit the Road Jack

Take a road trip with your best friends or by yourself, and have a blast. Find the nearest city that offers a variety of entertainment, nice eateries, or a great spa. Be sure to blast your music and sing as loud as you can, while trucking down the road.

After a while, the miles will become a distant memory and you will be there in no time.

2. Forget About Your Diet

Well, at least for a day.

Indulge in the local cuisine and allow your taste buds to roam free. They’ve been held hostage eating comfort food, tired of soups, chili and beef stew. Let your appetite explode in culinary greatness and partake in a little fun.

3. Become a Bronzed Beauty

Cabin fever no more! Find a patio and soak up some sun. There’s nothing like a great gathering of friends having mature conversation over cocktails. Don’t confine yourself to the indoors and miss all of the action on the patio. You may catch an evening sunset while immersed in deep conversation.

Wouldn’t that be amazing!

4. Let’s Get Physical

The perfect place to find motivation is the gym. The majority of gym-goers are striving to be “beach ready” while beating the bulge. The weight loss struggle is real. Cize it up, Zumba it out or Body Pump it to the beat. You will not be alone in this process.

If you’re lucky, you might find an accountability partner to help you on your fitness journey. Contact your local gym for specials and class schedules.

5. Tour and explore

Go on a field trip in your own city. Find an exhibit, show, museum, or a gallery that will peak your interest. Each of them feature traveling exhibits that are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to see something unique.

6. Attend a Festival or Three

Jazz Festival, Essence or even the Renaissance festival are events that you can add to your summer list of must do’s.

Each offer a variety of great food, great vibes, and a vast assortment of entertainment. Some festivals even have empowerment seminars to help you get spiritually fed and renew a positive spirit within you.

7. Create Fireworks

Don’t wait until the 4th of July to experience fireworks. Live out loud, flirt a little bit, go out dancing and take yourself on a date. Get reacquainted with yourself and fall in love all over again. You may find that inner peace.

8. Max Out on Maxi Dresses

Long dresses are so forgiving. They hide a multitude of sin and cellulite. Free and flowing is the way to go when running your errands around town. It’s comfortable and you are not suited and booted in Spanx and girdles, trying to conceal and hold things in place.

There is nothing worse than a woman stuffed in a dress looking like a sausage casing, especially in the summer.

9. Color Me Bad

Add some color to your life. A pop of color will add a new dimension to your look.

Start with your wardrobe, a handbag, lipstick or even nail polish. You can go from a regular to fashion trendy by adding just a tad bit of color. Start with something subtle and work your way up to the dramatic pieces.

10. Be YOUTHful

Life as an adult is serious enough. Every now and again it’s okay to act like a child at heart. Forgive easy, love hard, laugh uncontrollably, run in the sprinklers, wiggle your toes in the sand and eat ice cream.

Do those nostalgic things that remind you of summertime as a child.

Summer is calling your name… Don’t let her pass by because you refuse to answer. Enjoy yourself and have some fun.

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