by Alexis Tyler Austin

my son shines.

a reflection
reflective of me. of
him. Of us.

with breastfeeding
comes burping
came the breeding
of brilliance. he
a-b-c’d me into
of all possibilities:

he will know
strikes you’re
out and in
the pen.
write your
past and erase
your future.
possibly ending

impossible to imagine
something i can’t fathom
and won’t.
accept that
he’s an exception.

my son shines

in rain
and clouded thoughts.
those gurgles remind me
of my gift:
the present.
his presence is
my present.

my sunshine.

i love
loving him. love it
that i like him.

the name change
changed me.
means more
than mary. or kelly.
shauntay and nika.

my son shines
and i’ve shone

still shining

i made him.
he makes me
want more
the most.

© Alexis Tyler Austin. Published with permission.

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