Do you suffer from Superwoman Syndrome… thinking you have to fulfill all needs (yours, theirs, and the stranger around the corner’s) at all times?

Given the often hectic pace of life, finding harmony between home, work, and caring for ourselves and others is crucial to our personal happiness and inner peace. It may take time, but once you find your flow and discover ways to reset, you’ll feel empowered and better prepared to face life’s ups and downs.

Check out 5 habits you may want to develop to find balance in your life:

1)  Know When to Put Your Superwoman Cape Away

Instead of trying to conquer and control everything, focus only on what needs to be done. Prioritize based on the need, not the “nice to have”.

Step back and allow others to handle their own “stuff”. You can’t do it all – nor should you.

It’s okay to put your cape away every so often and allow others to wear their own. Once you do, you may be surprised to see that the world won’t crumble. Allow yourself the space and time to recharge. You need it!

2)  Trust Yourself

We typically know what’s best for us – we just choose to ignore it at times. Listening to and, most importantly, trusting your inner voice will guide you toward happiness. Aspire to be calm, confident, and in control in most situations.

Your performance in every area of your life will improve when your thoughts, emotions, goals, and values are in alignment.

3)  Be Present

Awareness is key to finding balance as it allows you to truly understand, assess, and appreciate each moment. A mindful woman is content in the present, doesn’t obsess over the future, or fret over the past.

While it is important to plan for the future and learn from your mistakes, it is vital to appreciate who and where you are right now. 

Own your today.

 4)  Nurture Your Relationships. All of Them

Do you have a go-to girlfriend or family member you can completely be yourself around? Do you have a mentor to help you define your career strategies and navigate through workplace politics? Nurture these relationships, as they should be constants in your life.

Seek connections with people who value you and will tell you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear.

Receive and give support equally.

5)  Embrace Simplicity

When your life is built around a foundation of simplicity, you reject things that disrupt your peace.

There are opposites in every aspect of life; pick the path between the two. Simplify your relationships by getting rid of people who create more trouble than joy. Focus on the things and people who truly matter the most, and re-prioritize the rest.

Finding balance is an ongoing commitment.

Remember, life doesn’t have to be complicated to be meaningful.

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