About a month ago, I decided that it was time for me to quit my job and pursue my entrepreneurial passion full time.

For 20 years, I have been moving from job to job, sometimes climbing… sometimes falling down the corporate ladder, doing exactly what the world said that I should be doing as an adult.

I earned degrees and got certifications.

I have had corner offices with windows and have gotten coffee for the big wigs.

However, in none of these “responsible” positions with 401K’s and benefits did I feel complete. Something was always missing and in 2013 I found out what.

I started my make-up artistry business on a wing and a prayer; in my dining room creating looks on friends and family. These humble beginnings have taken off and now I have a full-fledged make-up business, with regular clients, television appearances, DMV’s First Mobile Make-Up Studio, and a brick and mortar location.

But I still have a full time job and I am slowly dying inside.

I hate going to that place, not because it is a bad place but more because I just don’t want to be there. I am leaving to do what I truly love to do.

As I initially got more and more excited and started sharing my plan to leave my job, the flood gates opened and every unsolicited opinion possible was shared with me. Though I feel like most of these opinions were given in love, that doesn’t stop the sinking feeling that comes over me each time I hear:

“Girl, why you leaving that good job?”

I get it; in your eyes I’ve made it! I have a job that pays well, offers benefits, tuition assistance, paid time off, and a seemingly flexible schedule. Who wouldn’t want this job?

Me, that’s who!

What you may be unaware of is that God created me to do something else… something bigger.

That in actuality, staying in my current position is not only blocking my blessings, but also blocking the blessing of the person this job is really for. And guess what else?

I am absolutely terrified to take this leap of faith.

I worry every day whether I have enough saved to juggle all that my life and business require.

I wonder if I am making the right decision. I worry that I may fail.

I wonder what life will be like when Obamacare and I are on a first name basis and when there are no longer regular contributions to my 401K.

Though I am afraid, I am going to do it anyway! So please, stop reminding me of what I am leaving behind. I already know.

Stop telling me what could go wrong. It already has and I am still standing.

Stop repeating the fact that I have 3 kids. I’m well aware of that… I birthed them.

Stop asking about my bills. I know they exist; my name is on all of them.

Stop putting your fears, past challenges, failures to start, and regrets on me. And stop telling me about everything that can go wrong.

Just think, we don’t tell babies not to walk because they may fall. We stand them up, move everything out of their way, walk behind them, encourage them and pick them up when they fall.

And, when they take their first step, we cheer and call everyone we know to say they did it!

So, treat me like that baby and allow me to be GREAT!

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