I must say that I never dreamed that I would become a children’s book author or even thought it was in my wheelhouse of talents. All I knew was that I loved reading books to my children.

I was constantly on the hunt for stories with kids that looked like them and that they could relate to.

It was one night after reading to them, that I had an idea to write my own series –one that was full of adventure and could help them to learn about some of the most fascinating African and African- American people throughout history.

It had to be a gentle nudge from God, because I started writing the next day; something I rarely do as I can be a bit of a procrastinator. Don’t judge, I am a work in progress!

I found myself sitting in my local Starbucks with my favorite latte, awaiting inspiration. As I began to write, the storyline emerged and flowed pretty effortlessly. After weeks of creative flow mixed with fascinating research, I had something that resembled a book on my computer.

Terrell and Keke’s Adventures Through Time Nia Magazine for Black women

Terrell and Keke’s Adventures Through Time is a fascinating series-in-the-making, featuring a dynamic African-American brother and sister duo, 11 year old Terrell and his sassy 8 year old sister, Keke. After they discover a hidden cabin and a trunk full of books during summer vacation, they embark on a whirlwind adventure through time.

Their first stop? The Underground Railroad.

On their journey, Terrell and Keke travel with Harriet Tubman as runaways and experience the danger, fear and courage that many slaves experienced on their journey to freedom. Young readers can come along, as they learn more about history and themselves, on their trip around the globe.

I initially wrote this book as a labor of love for my two children and wasn’t going to publish it. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of family and friends it might still be sitting on my computer. Eventually I realized that writing about Terrell and Keke’s adventures wasn’t just for my children.

This book series is for every Black child who needs to see themselves reflected in a book and feel kindred with its characters.

My greatest lesson that was reinforced during this process was the knowing that God gives us all gifts to share with others; some that are obvious and others that surprise us along the way. I encourage anyone who has an idea, book, play, vision, etc. to offer it up and not sit on it like I almost did.

Share your vision with the world!

I am so glad that I did!

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Kesha Russaw Rushing
Kesha Russaw Rushing is a writer, wife, mother, Certified Health Coach and Family Nurse Practitioner based in Nashville, TN. She and her husband, Elliott, are parents to a daughter and son who, like Keke and Terrell, love to travel and learn history. www.terrellandkekesadventures.com