The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes
were the freckles on his nose
His warm breath glided over his lips and onto her face
Even on the wings of a brand new day he smelled sweet

He rested
With one arm around her shoulder and the other
still nestled between her thighs
Her core fluttered at the thought of being held
throughout the night
Protected while she slept

She now watched him
Protection shifting from her to him
She was awake
Alive in the most colorful ways
She closed her eyes so she could make a memory of this moment

She could vividly see his eyelids
closed softly and guarding the windows to his soul
her mind created the picture of his full lips and his goatee
– still lined with the subtle scent of her womanhood
his pupils remained hidden as he exhaled & pulled her closer

He could feel her energy even as he slept
Her pulse quickened
It dawned on her that this was the safest she had ever felt
Staring at a man with a perfect face
his nose sprinkled with cinnamon colored speckles

This was the most beautiful she had ever felt
being touched by the hands of a King
his biceps bulged as he held on to her body.

This was the most excitement she had ever felt
his strong hand still between her warm legs
Index finger grazing over her happy place

This was the most desired she had ever felt
Her body covered with his fingerprints and stained with his kisses
He satisfied a want in her
A raging desire that burned her from the inside out

This was the most she had ever felt
Calm on the surface but internally battling her pounding heart
her mind was racing, breath uneven, palms sweating,
face flushed with the warmth of anxiety and embarrassment

This was the happiest she had ever felt
In the arms of another woman’s man
A man she knew she had no right to love
A man she knew had no right to love her in return

He continued to rest
Allowing her to carry the guilt and the shame that he held all night
He remained protected in his slumber
Safe from the reality that he was wrong
Temporarily removed from honesty
Blind to the should haves of yesterday and the broken promises of tomorrow

He took comfort in her bed
Feeling her energy beaming through her skin
Not wanting to open his eyes and face his truth
Not wanting to look into her perfect face
The face that made him weak
The face that led him to his sins

He instead pulled her even closer
Hand still settled upon her sweetness
He could smell her hair
She radiated a distinct smell of glory

Her body was warm
he urged to trace every inch of it with his tongue
but resisted
instead he lie awake

Breath even.
Eyes shut.

To the sound of her heartbeat
The music of her existence
He could almost hear the sound of her eyes blinking
He remained unmoved and held on to his shame
Pulling her in with the strength of a million magnets

He kept his pupils hidden
The windows to his soul.
He knew it wouldn’t last forever
but in this moment, right now,
on the morning after a night of forbidden desires T
his was the most he had ever felt…

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