Enough is enough of being loyal to individuals who don’t even return your phone calls.

If you haven’t heard, time is of the essence and life is too short to be surrounded by people who’d rather be anywhere in the world than with you.

You have dreams and aspirations, however it will be nearly impossible to reach those goals if your circle is flat.

Consider rotating out those flats and adding the following people to your circle:

1. People who don’t look like you

This is going to require some ‘out of the box’ thinking. However, if you are attempting to do what you’ve never done, then you will need to acquaint yourself with those who have done it.

These individuals don’t look like you: financially, geographically, experientially, educationally, physically, or spiritually.

2. People who can teach you something

These individuals will know what you don’t. They offer experiences, resources, connections, and sound advice that can help you along the way on your journey to success.

3. People who will challenge you

They will not be impressed or intimidated by your jargon or name-dropping. They are more impressed by your actions and want to see results. They absolutely will check in on your progress and call you out on your procrastination.

4. People who don’t want your life

They don’t want to compete with you but are interested in walking side by side with you, not in your footsteps. They are along for the journey but have a different destination. They will encourage you while they are also preparing for their journey.

5. People who won’t hold you back

Their way of thinking and positive outlook will keep you striving for better. They are creative, innovative, daring and most importantly excited about your success. They are absolutely convinced that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

They will be the ‘why not’ as opposed to the ‘why’ individuals.

6. People who will help you get to where you are going

These individuals have ‘drive’, endurance, tough-skin and no complex about riding shot gun. They don’t mind being along for the ride. They are going to make your journey enjoyable and will even circle the block keeping the engine running when you abruptly have to jump out of the vehicle.

7. People who will fight for you

They are loyal to you. They believe in you and will protect your vision and dreams from naysayers. They will celebrate when you celebrate and cry when you cry. While they might not understand your goals fully, they do help you define your purpose.

Keep in mind the true purpose of your circle is to have a tribe of individuals who have a vested interest in supporting each other equally.

Having a successful circle does not mean that everyone must think, act, or look the same. It definitely does not mean that everyone will agree with each other all of the time.

But what it does mean is that all who are in the circle are willing and have agreed to move in the same positive direction. A circle can only move one way at a time.

Remember, your circle is a direct reflection of your ambition or lack thereof. Just Saying…

Life is too short to be surrounded by people who’d rather be anywhere in the world than with you.

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