My husband and I have been married for nearly eight years, and while that by no means qualifies either of us as relationship experts, we agree that over the years we’ve learned how to navigate the highs and inevitable lows of married life.

For us, finding a common passion and regularly pursuing that passion together has made a world of difference in the overall health of our relationship.

Our common ground: travel.

We have traveled to 17 countries and have explored many parts of the U.S. together. Our shared journeys have taught us that travel is one of the best team builders, and we prioritize our travels as an investment in our personal well-being and in our union. With every trip and destination comes a lesson.

Lessons about making time to escape the humdrum of our daily grind

Lessons about encouraging each other to push past our comfort zones.

Lessons about the importance of dreaming and fulfilling bigger and better dreams, and so much more.

While traditional couples therapy may be just the fix the doctor ordered for your relationship, if you want to give self-help a go, try implementing these 5 travel tips to rekindle the romance.

1. Getaway once a month – When you’ve been in a long term relationship, it’s easy to fall into a date night rut or skip out on date night altogether. Committing to a monthly getaway is a great way to keep things fresh and sexy.

Now, before you write this advice off as impractical, keep in mind that monthly getaways could be as extravagant as a week-long vacation in Madrid or as simple as a weekend staycation right in your own backyard.

If neither of these options is practical, commit to doing something new with your significant other; whether it’s checking out a museum exhibit, trying a new restaurant, or taking a long drive to someplace nearby where neither of you have been.

2. Experience culture shock together – If you can swing it, choose a foreign destination that’s new to both of you, where neither of you speak the language. It may surprise you just how much you find yourselves leaning on each other and working as a team when you’re lost in translation together.

Experiencing culture shock together is a great way to reinforce your bond.

3. Commit to a digital detox – Don’t underestimate the wonders that committing your complete time and undivided attention to your partner can do for your relationship.

While the thought of spending an entire getaway without checking in on social media or catching up on work emails may seem unrealistic, challenge yourself to a digital detox during your next romantic getaway. After all, the goal is to hit pause on your usual routine and tune in to each other – right?

Take your detox challenge one step further and opt for a boutique hotel that has television-free guest rooms. Chances are that when you eliminate the distractions that go hand-in-hand with technology, you’ll find yourselves laughing like old friends and being intimate like old lovers.

4. Don’t jam pack your itinerary – Whenever you travel to someplace new, it’s tempting to squeeze as much into your itinerary as possible, even if you may be short on time. Resist that urge! Instead, balance out your time spent exploring your destination with leisurely dinners, romantic strolls, or time to simply snuggle in your hotel room.

The last thing you want to do is return from your trip exhausted and in need of a vacation from your vacation. Remember that your vacation should give you time to slow down and refocus your energy on each other.

5. As soon as you get back, plan your next getaway – If you suffer from regular bouts of wanderlust, this won’t be a problem for you. On the other hand, if you think that planning a new getaway right after you return from a trip is excessive, think again.

Knowing that you have one coming down the pipeline will give you and your partner something to look forward, especially when you find yourself falling back into the rut of your regular routine.

Anyone in a long term relationship would agree that staying committed takes a lot of work. So why not do some of the work during your next escape? You just may find that incorporating frequent travel into your life as a couple will not only help you heal and strengthen your bond, but it can reignite your passion for each other in ways you never thought possible.

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