“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalms 23:4

Every day of our lives will not be good. Sometimes we won’t have a good week, month, or year. Every moment will not be filled with happiness and bliss.

We will have days where we’ll feel sad, mad, feel lost, unloved or not good enough. All of these emotions are experienced by every person on this earth. This part of our journey in life is called: the valley.

When we’re in the valley we feel low, anxious, some of us even fall into depression. Although we may not understand why God allows us to travel through it, it’s beneficial for us. The growth we’ll experience and the strength we’ll gain is necessary to move forward.

There is no way out other than taking it one step at a time.

Some of us move through quickly, while others may have a longer journey. No matter the length, we have to remain steadfast, despite the urge to give up.

In the midst of a storm, we need to seek God’s comfort through prayer and ask Him for strength, patience, and understanding so that we can stay on our journey like the true soldiers we were created to be. We have to know that God is with us and will not ever leave or forsake us.

He wants us to go to Him for three reasons: clarity, peace and glory.

Clarity allows us to understand why we’re experiencing the valley. His word tells us that everything in our lives will work together for our good if we truly love Him.

Peace allows us to move forward through the pain and frustration. When we focus on God and not our problems, peace reminds us that He is still with us.

Glory will be given because of our praise and gratitude during our journey. The glory that we give will bring forth the blessing you stand in need of.

None of us are exempt from experiencing the valleys of life.

However, we are all capable of riding the storms peacefully. We just have to trust that God will give us better and brighter days and continuously exercise our faith.

It’s all a part of God’s process to strengthen us for the long haul.

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