I recently had to preach the home going of my oldest son.

I was sitting, thinking about what I would say. It should not have been hard, he was my son. If anyone knew him I did.

I thought about him as my son, as a father, brother, cousin, and friend. About him as the man that I had watched him grow into. Then I thought about what others would think and say about him. That should not have been a thought but it was.

You know not everyone thinks of your child the way you do.

I was taken to the thought of an egg. Why would I be thinking about eggs at a time like this?

One thing you should always do before purchasing eggs is check to make sure that they are not cracked. If you find one, you exchange it for another.

You make it all the way home. Go to put the eggs away, only to find out that somehow one of the eggs is cracked anyway. More times than not, we want to throw it out. But before you do, think about it differently.

Put it in hot grease. Add it to cake mix. Now it doesn’t matter that it was cracked.

It just became usable.

We have all been cracked at some point in our life. Feeling like we could not be used for anything. But it’s the shell that’s no good. Not the inside.

There is greatness in you. Never allow anyone to throw you away because you may have been cracked in the process.

My son may have had some cracks, but he was still useable.

When I looked out and saw that the church was full, I knew that he had added to a lot of lives. I knew that his life had spoken volumes. It no longer mattered what others thought.

You can allow your cracks to break you. Or you can be broken and use what is on the inside of you to make something better.

Just because I’m cracked doesn’t mean I’m not usable.

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