(Video) How I Learned to Walk By Faith: Jenny’s Journey to Fill.Heal.Restore Her Soul

“There is something about being down to your rock bottom. When you have nothing else left…what do you do?”


Depressed, unemployed, and suffering from hearing loss that doctors couldn’t diagnose, a friend’s reminder to “put the Word on what she was going through“, helped Jenny Christian through one of the toughest times in her life.

She had to go through a few things to prepare for what God intended.

In 2016, Jenny stepped out on faith to launch Fill Heal Restore, a web series and blog that shares stories of people transforming their personal tests into testimonies – by strengthening their faith and trusting in the power of God.

What could be better to kick off her video series than sharing her own journey? Here’s how she learned to walk by faith and press into His promises.

Jenny’s Journey” is the 1st of 4 videos we’re sharing this month, in partnership with Fill Heal Restore. Every Sunday in December. Please share with friends!

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