We all know that drinking tons of sugary drinks, having our fill of fried foods, and the love affair we have with cake is definitely not good for our physical health.

However, we tend to overlook the many things we “consume” that are detrimental to our spiritual and emotional health; as if these consumptions are any less dangerous.

Let me explain.

I enjoy music, and because my work requires a lot of travel I spend an enormous amount of time in my car…just me and my music.

During a past break-up, I spent the majority of my rides sobbing to Toni Braxton “Unbreak My Heart” type of music…you know, that Adele “Don’t You Remember” and Sam Smith “Stay With Me” type. And then, when I got over the initial break-up, I moved on to K. Michelle’s “When I Find a Man”.

Needless to say, I was a mess!

I just couldn’t seem to get over, heal, and move forward. I was living in a state of debilitating depression. I was no good for myself, my children, or my business.

And what was worse was – I couldn’t figure out why.

How many of us have done this to ourselves? Kept ourselves in a place of misery and despair because of the things we are “consuming”? In this particular instance, I was consuming music that reminded me of what I thought I had lost. But, we don’t just do this with music.

How many times have you found yourself scrolling down your Instagram and Facebook timelines consuming all of the posts that remind you of all the things you don’t have?

We take in the negativity of family members who remind us of the mistakes we have made…or the reason why pursuing the business you have been talking about for years is “just not a good idea”.

We share office space with that one co-worker who hates everything about her job and is unafraid to remind you daily that you should too.

Though we think these things are unimportant and shrug them off as just a part of life, you have just “consumed”!

So what can we do to change our consumption habits and in essence, change our lives?

1. Be Mindful

Take a moment to take an inventory of all the things you consume each day, and decide whether each activity has a positive or negative impact on your life.

What are you watching and listening to? Who do you speak with daily and how do they make you feel?

On your social media timelines, who empowers you vs. leaves you down in the dumps? Answering these questions can make all the difference in the world.

2. Change Your Environment

Using what you have just learned from your list, who and/or what do you need to get rid of?

There is an unfollow/unfriend button for a reason and you need not be afraid to use it. Start talking to and interacting with people who encourage you to be great.

Surround yourself with greatness!

3. Be Forgiving

Forgive yourself for the mistakes of your past and leave room for future mistakes. As you learn and grow, you will need to try different things, and in those trials it is okay to have missteps.

Learn from them and grow into the person you want to be.

However, if you find that you consume something new that doesn’t work, refer to tip #2.

4. Practice Affirmations

Some of the consumption that keeps us stagnant comes from within. Negative self-talk is often the very thing that is eating us alive. Practice being nice to yourself and affirming all that makes you wonderful.

You are amazing! You are talented! You are able! You are deserving! You can do it!

5. Reward Yourself

Now that you have acknowledged your bad habits, made the hard decision to get rid of the things that were hindering you from being great, forgiven yourself for past habits, and mastered the art of the affirmation- rejoice in the amazing person you are and the extraordinary person you are to be.

Treat yourself to something divine. You deserve it!

Just like changing your diet, changing your spiritual and emotional consumption habits requires hard work and dedication.

Stay committed to being your best self and making the changes that are required and you will see a world of difference in your life.

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