For years, I have tried to figure out what I am supposed to do with all of the ideas that collide around in my brain.

I have an idea for a non-profit organization to help broken families to be restored and reunified. There are also the businesses, the publishing company, the books, workbooks, blogs, vlogs, seminars… Ughhhh!

Even as I think about it now, the life of a person in charge of so many things has to be more than just a little hectic, right? Well, the point of it all is that those have just been ideas. I realize that I could die tomorrow and all of my ideas would go with me; never having accomplished any of it. And worst yet, never changing a single life in the process.

This is a sad reality and makes me nauseous to think it could be my truth.

The legacy I desire to leave my children – sleeping in a coffin while they struggle to deal with the wiles of this world.

Today, I’m here to encourage someone reading this. I can’t write a grant for a 501c3, secure a building for business, write all the books, record all the videos, and touch every life God has shown me… in a day.

However, what I can do today that I didn’t do yesterday is: start somewhere. We all get caught in the trap of normalcy, and it causes us to be so busy handling daily tasks that we feel we can’t tackle one more thing.

There aren’t enough hours in a day! How many times have you found yourself saying this while looking up from a pile of busywork? The truth is, we waste more time than we would like to admit.

A very busy wise man once told me that you make time for the things you want to make time for. Boy, isn’t that the truth! We make time for social media, our boy/girlfriend, or our favorite game. The truth of these ‘time fillers’ is that they take our minds off of the thoughts bombarding us all day.

Another day, week, month, year passes by and your idea is still just that…an idea.

Sitting down biting a big chunk of your life plan and chewing until your jaws hurt isn’t the way to accomplish it either. You will quickly grow frustrated and overwhelmed with the very thought of so much to do; eventually ending up back at the proverbial drawing board.

Say this with me: This time won’t be like the last time because I am not the same! I am going to master my God-given abilities and follow His plan. When He opens the window of opportunity this time around, I will be prepared!

No one controls your schedule, or lack thereof, other than you. So, let’s start there.

Schedule time around laundry, kids, work, church, and those deadly ‘time fillers’ to brainstorm your ideas and WRITE THEM DOWN! Once you can capture the prey, you can pull the meat off the bones. Make an action-driven plan to accomplish one small task at a time.

A friend posted on social media that he just wants to be “dope” at what he does. That comment made me realize there may be thousands of people doing what I’m doing; but they are the very best at doing it their way. What no one else has mastered is how do to it like me!

You can’t live a life of greater, worrying about how other people are functioning with their greater. Don’t attempt to be better than anybody other than the you from yesterday.

Your brilliance is needed in the world.

Someone is waiting for you to tell your story.

Someone needs your mentorship.

Your business is necessary for this generation.

We live in a world that tells us we need more; and there’s always something out there that’s better than what we have. What we have never seems to be enough. However, I’d like to insert an opposite idea here – what if what we have is enough to accomplish every dream we’ve ever had?

What if what we have in our hands and intellectual property is enough to not only accomplish our God-given mission but to inspire, encourage, and help someone else accomplish theirs too?

In a world of wasteful overconsumption what will you do with what you have?

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