What do you think of when you hear the word LOVE?

Do you picture red hearts or a vase filled with long-stemmed roses? Romantic walks in the park, maybe even a wedding ceremony taking place in a big steepled church?

From childhood into adulthood, our minds have been programmed to associate these THINGS with affection.

Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to get flowers from someone you have become extremely fond of. The man of your dreams waiting at the top of the aisle as you walk toward him is an amazing example of romance and one heck of a love story!

However, what happens behind closed doors is what will make all the difference.

We know how easy it is to become infatuated with a person’s potential or aspirations. You may feel as though you have fallen completely and utterly in love, when in reality, you may just be in love with the idea of someone.

How do you know when you truly love someone?

True love is unconditional. It has no remorse, stipulations, or judgments. It is just there, unable to be shaken regardless of how many times you fall short. True love is very hard to describe.

It is a feeling that never leaves, you just KNOW, and it cannot be mistaken.

1 Corinthians 13 describes it from a spiritual aspect of being kind, patient, long-suffering, and never-failing. I agree! It describes not the things that can be given to you, but actions. The thoughtful, kind, caring gestures that remind you that he loves you.

Like when you’re really nervous about that job interview and he encourages you to “Just be yourself baby, you’ve got it.”

Or when you have been ill and he lays his hands on you, to pray for your healing.

When you have an argument and he still asks you if you are okay, before going to bed.

When he loves you, he accepts your children even if they aren’t his.

When he loves you, he smiles at the thought of your name and never allows another man or woman to disrespect his Queen.

He proves it through his desire to provide for you, whether or not you are capable of doing it alone. He won’t allow you to “be the man of the house” because he knows his role and only wants to help elevate you as his wife.

He refuses to lay around the house in his raggedy, tattered boxer shorts, eating Cap’n Crunch, playing the Xbox while you are at work making the bacon.

When he loves you, he leads you spiritually, emotionally, financially, sexually, and always with your best interests at hand.

He raises the children you share and never allows you to do it alone in any aspect.

You see ladies, love is so much more than matching tattoos and shoes. It’s far greater than making it “Facebook official”, or posting cute kissy photos on Instagram with the hashtag #thatsbae.

The true test is, when the social media audience isn’t viewing you, the doors to your home close, and the lights are turned off…. do you still feel like you can conquer the world with him?

My wish is that you do, and if you don’t… baby don’t waste one more second settling for what you THINK might be it.

Dive into loving yourself, and one day he will almost magically appear because he was sent for you.

He will know you before you know him, and you will know when he loves you!

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