The old adage is true, “If you don’t love yourself who will?”

You can’t live your life expecting the love of others to validate you. No one is going to complete you. Not a man, not your family, and not your children.

Only you can do that.

In today’s society, women are bombarded with so many unrealistic images of beauty and are constantly being told that the only way to be noticed is to look a certain way. As a result, many undergo unnecessary surgery and use toxic chemicals to promote this lie.

You have to realize and know that you are perfectly imperfect.

I know this is hard and many women struggle with it, but if you look at what you have been given as a positive rather than a negative, your whole outlook on life will change.

I used to struggle with this myself.

Ever since I was a little girl people have told me I look just like my father. Hearing this as a child was extremely traumatizing. I mean, what girl wants to look like a man?

I would look at my father and see a bunch of physical characteristics that I did not find all too appealing.

My father had big eyes, fat cheeks, and huge lips. Because I refused to believe I look like a man, I did not see those same qualities in myself.

As I got older I had to come to terms with some things. Yes I do look like my father, but no I do not look masculine.

My big eyes are big, beautiful doe eyes and, in my opinion, are my most attractive facial feature.

My fat cheeks give me an adorable baby face and my huge lips are full and sensual.

Everything I thought was a negative, I now see as a positive. Put together they make up the unique individual that is me.

I’m not saying that I should be a runway model, but I love what I see in the mirror.

I love that one eye is slightly bigger than the other. I love that one dimple is more prominent and I love my button nose.

My eyebrows may be curly and a bit unruly at times, but it just gives me a bit of an edge.

It keeps them guessing.

I don’t look at what I don’t have as a deficit. I accept what I have as well as what I don’t have. It all works out beautifully.

When you learn to accept “you for you” there’s very little others can do to shake your confidence. Backhanded compliments become comical and criticisms roll off as if you were made of Teflon.

None of that negativity will stick to you once you’ve truly learned to love yourself.

Even if no one recognizes my God given beauty, I’ll still be happy

I’ve taken the time to appreciate all of my attributes.

I always say, “I’ve never met a mirror I didn’t like.” Not because I am full of myself; I simply enjoy seeing how all my features come together perfectly.

I see the big picture and I love it.

Take time out to fully appreciate yourself. Love on yourself. Compliment yourself. Try to put a positive spin on anything you may have once viewed as negative.

Who loves you?

Once you start loving who you are, others can’t help but to love you as well.

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