“What’s worse? Looking jealous or crazy…jealous or crazy? I’d rather be crazy.”

Hmmnn…For whatever reason, being “crazy” is being celebrated by the masses as a given quality in a woman. Not to be a traitor to my gender and all, but WHAT YOU DOING?

In what world is it alluring and attractive to be crazy?

Cause lemme tell ya, if a man steps to me proclaiming one of his most overarching character traits is his “crazy”, I’m gonna run.


For all of our #BlackGirlMagic moments, there are also very grown women standing proudly to promote just how crazy they are. 

Perpetuating an already precarious stereotype to the masses. Giving the illusion that “crazy” is a part of the package whenever you come across a woman and, very specifically, a black woman. We gon’ be unstable, we gon’ be irrational. We may even cut you but YOU WILL DEAL. *steeples fingers*


I’m not here to preach to y‘all. However…

Proclaiming and embracing this supposed crazy is setting a precedent. A terrible, terrible one.

Women are intricate, complex beings. Okay, so maybe there are times that call for crazy actions. But should it be what defines us?

There are so many layers to us. Why is it that so many of us are determined to lean on this concept that we are totally out of our minds? Sure, some of it may come from attempting to take the power back from others. Being defensive enough to say it before anyone else has the privilege of naming it first.

But beloveds, you are achieving the opposite.

Shouting out that you’re crazy before someone else can, does not yield the same results as shouting out that you’re instead… amazing.

Let’s forget for a moment what this proclamation means and how it translates to the opposite sex. What are we doing to ourselves?

What are these little girls…these teenage girls…to think when so much of what they see on social media is applauding this?

It is so much easier to believe in the negative. It is easier to set this kind of negativity as a life goal. As an educator, I see young girls latch on to these concepts far quicker than they will embrace the “Magic”.

The magic is mythical to them. It is what only certain people are able to achieve.

When they are being double teamed with hearing virtually every song on the radio condemning black women and then have it reiterated by black women themselves, the relatability of the “crazy” tends to trump the “Magic”.

We are beautiful.

We are intelligent.

We are strong. We are passionate. We are resilient.

And yes, absolutely magical.  Let’s celebrate and inundate the world with that instead.

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