When something disappointing happens, as human beings we automatically believe that it’s all about us.

That no other human being on this planet has ever or will ever experience the disappointment and pain you’re experiencing now.

You’re emotional. I understand. I’ve been there too.

You have a right to be in your feelings for a moment. I say “a moment” because after some time, even the cute crying baby on an airplane gets on everyone’s nerves.

Here are some helpful suggestions for how to get up, dust off, and begin moving forward. Work through your storm!

1. Faith

It’s great to believe in a higher and greater power outside of yourself, BUT also understand that confidence in your ability to figure your way out and through this tough period is important.

After prayer or mediation, schedule time to write out the plan for your next steps.

If you’ve lost a job, maybe it’s time to consult a professional resume writer to reposition your resume to target the job you want. If it’s an end to a relationship, instead of running through a mental play-by-play of the things that went wrong, think about what went right and how you’re strong and capable of doing what’s right for yourself in your next relationship.

2. Support

Speak with trustworthy and wise people.

“Trustworthy” because not everyone can empathize and honor your feelings. And “wise” because you need someone who recognizes that you need to move on. Not everyone will cut you off and say, “Yes. I’ve heard that story three times already, when are you going to get over that?”

3. Socialize

Don’t isolate yourself. Reach out to friends and family who love and support you. The worst thing to do is avoid people who love you because you feel embarrassed or ashamed.

Your feelings are not who you are. You’re worthy of love and support. Go get it and accept it.

4. Nature

Even a seed has the determination to grow and thrive in uncertain and undesirable conditions, like between the cracks of a sidewalk.

Find similar analogies in nature. It may connect you to the miraculous and help you identify the determination and beauty in yourself.

5. Positive thoughts

Simply make a choice. When negative thoughts or images of perceived failures or mistakes arise, tell yourself to “Stop”.

Change your mind.

Think of something positive like your accomplishments or a pleasant conversation you just had with someone.

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