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Launched in October 2015, Nia is a new digital destination featuring lifestyle and empowerment related content for Black women.

We also aim to provide a platform for new and emerging writers, directors, authors and poets to connect with readership. All writers and styles are welcome. Please visit niamagazine.submittable.com/submit for detailed submission guidelines.

Our Topics include:

  • BE INSPIRED:  All about self-love, empowerment, balance, inspiration, Black lives, and spiritual motivation. Check out a sample.
  • LIVING LIFE:  All about career advice, health and wellness, travel, and more. Check out a sample.
  • LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS:  All about dating, marriage, relationships, and everything in-between. Check out a sample.
  • ARTS:  Highlights web series/film, poetry, short fiction, and more. Check out a sample.


Join our team of writers, dedicated to inspire, motivate and encourage Black women across the globe. When you join, you’ll become an integral part of the Nia team, with benefits including:
  1. Access to an engaged, female audience
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Personal essays, editorials, reviews and instructional content are welcome.  Multiple writing styles are encouraged.

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