The term, Black Girl Magic evokes an aura of empowerment, pride, and respect. It reflects our diverse abilities, backgrounds, and styles.

Black Girl Magic is everything that Black women embody and exude.

Its meaning is fluid and multi-faceted; an inherent part of us, infused in our existence since forever. It’s about time that Black women’s mystical mojo got a proper name.

Who better than a Black woman to describe it? Check out quotes from fellow soul sistas who have tapped into their Black Girl Magic:


Every day that God wakes us up – we live. Even on the days when we want to remain in bed, we get up and conquer a world that threatens to crush us because of our sex and our race. We shift, we negotiate, we assert, we acquiesce and sometimes we say to hell with it, all in the same day. Yet, we continue pushing until we break through and go beyond.

“Magic is all of the wonderful ways I am forced to finish instead of quit, rise instead of fall, help when I’d rather hold a grudge, continue loving when I’ve been hated – simply because I’m Black. That’s Black Girl Magic.”

Black Girl Magic is doing & turning the impossible into the possible…it’s being book smart, street smart & common sense all rolled into one. Black Girl Magic is about being unapologetically, unique, divine, tough as nails but soft as the cool side of the pillow.

“Sometimes it means being able to be resilient and persistent despite the obstacles.”

“I manage to still have hope and dreams… to still hold onto things that are important to me…to still make a better life for my baby, and not be bitter and ugly.”

“Our magic is shown, as time goes by; we have more wisdom, not wrinkles. We stay up more than we stay down.”

“By excelling and accomplishing goals, as well as making strides in areas where there has been limited opportunity for us.”

“For me it’s the fact that I would not want to be anything other than a Black woman! It’s the attitude that I carry with me that I can do all things and be anything. It’s the sassiness in my voice; I can read you in my nice-nasty tone yet never use a curse word. It’s the ability to live and be successful in a world where I deal with racism, colorism, and sexism from my own people and others yet I still am able to achieve unbelievable things!!”


Black women possess enviable beauty. Though the mainstream media remains flooded with European beauty standards, virtually all of our physical attributes are mimicked.

“Black Girl Magic is the color of our skin, how we radiate in the sun.”

“It’s full lips, hair that defies gravity, embracing what’s naturally ours and unintentional trend setting.”

“We can create any look we want from natural beauty to straight hair, etc.”

Black Girl Magic radiates from us and is an unspoken strength and beauty. We have a swag that most other women envy and we know who we are. We’re fierce, gorgeous.

Michelle Obama is Black Girl Magic personified! She, hands down WILL BE remembered as the most beautiful, well dressed First Lady in history… More beautiful than Jackie Kennedy.”


Despite the crabs in a barrel mentality that still haunts the Black community, many sistas do stick together. For the most part, we have each other’s back and front. We share an unbreakable bond, because only we know what it’s truly like to be us.

“Black Girl Magic is also the unspoken connections you have with any Black women you see in the store or while you’re out… And you can give her a look or the two of you may laugh because there is an understanding.”

“We have a strong desire to help others while still handling our business.”

It means you’ve tapped into all that’s beautiful about what it means to be a beautiful Black woman and you use that ‘magic’ to inspire and make a positive mark! And most of all you realize that this ‘magic’ comes from God.

“Definitely agree about making a positive impact. It can be something as simple as mentoring and seeing someone grow from it.”

Each Black goddess spins her own unique version of Black Girl Magic. We flourish in many areas of life whether it’s in the spotlight or behind closed doors; we curate change, progress, evolution, and revolution.

And the best part is that our Black Girl Magic can’t be taken away, it is our birthright and our destiny.

Credit: CaShawn Thompson for coining the term #BlackGirlMagic.

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